Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dame Of Dames.

As this year both my parents have celebrated their 50th, it has been very special. Dad was given lots of football/film/comedy memorabilia as presents, whereas my Mum received lots of artwork and JEWELS!!!!

Sadly, I no longer live at home so cannot 'borrow' some of these beautiful jewellery she has recently become an owner. One piece of late (which is my current fave) is her Vivienne Westwood necklace. Tis a gorgeous silver tarnished necklace with the famous VW emblem with violet crystals. It. Is. So. Pretty. She got it from her dear cousin Sarah who lives in York and went on to tell Mum of how beautiful the VW shop is there.

I have now bec
ome obsessed with this jewellery line and pictured are some that are now added to my wish list. I wish to be draped in jewels :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Queen Bee.

I am sad that it has come to the end of the latest series of 'Mary: Queen of Shops'. I. Flippin. Love. Her.

Mary Portas is so amazing and speak so much sense (I'm a viewer who gets mad when the people seeking her advice question/disagree with her... What do they know!?)

Really liked the episode of the vintage boutique in London. Genius. I do hope they make another series.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Postcard From The Penguin.

On a cheeky wee visit back to me hometown of North Berwick, I popped into a new shop which has appeared called Tippencanoe. This little shop on the top of the high street caters to a delights of home-furnishings, cards, trinkets and books.

On having a right good gander I came across a little box (at first glance I thought it was a book) which holds one-hundred postcards of the iconic Penguin book covers.

They are absolutely delightful and now some feature framed on my bedroom wall, I have plenty left over to play with.

I feel an inspired collection may be brewing... WATCH. THIS. SPACE.