Thursday, 19 August 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking.

Yesterday, on my day off, I treated myself to a little walk up to Corstorphine (I know, get me... treating myself with a walk... I'm so good to me!) Thought I'd have a wee wonder round the charity shops, an absolute FAVE past-time.

As per usual, fell in complete love with a pair of boots in the first shop I stepped into. Ended up leaving them at first and not trying them on as there are about a gazillion wee shops in the area and didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket ken. So ventured round the rest and even went for a wee coffee and cake before I returned.

I'd totally set myself up for a fall just incase someone else as gone in a scooped up them thar boots.... Thankfully they were still there and my size... IT WAS MEANT TO BE. They are a little similar to the image above, however they are not Kurt Geiger but still as gorge.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Fringe Fever.

My FAVOURITE time of year has sadly come to an end. Here's a little selection of some of the delights that I have been privileged to see...

Julien Cottereau- A delightful and wonderful show brought to the fringe by this french mime artist/clown. Imagine-Toi takes the audience on a magical adventure through imagination, of
scary mons
ters and princesses with tenderness and emotion with humour
and grace. An excellent show for all ages. One I would gladly go see again and would be en-captivated by. MUST. GO. SEE.

Circus Trick Tease- A trio act whose circus act of tricks, flips, lifts and swing-dancing which is utterly hilarious for all the family (with some rather raunchy bits!) Such fun from beginning to end.

Kevin Bridges- The young (he's the same age as myself) Glaswegian comedian who is climbing up the fame ladder. My first time seeing him live and he did not disappoint! Talking on working in TK Maxx, Easter holidays not 'spring-break' and having an 'empty' house party. Had both my sister and I in stitches. GENIUS!

Alan Cumming- My parents and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see this magnificent show titled 'I Bought A Blue Car Today'. He only did 4 shows at the festival! Based on his perso
nal journey moving from Scotland to New York, featuring music from the likes of Sondheim, Bacharach and Kander and Ebb, with stories and anecdotes weaved through. TRULY SMASHING!

What a great festival it has been this year! Swear I say that every year...