Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

I am fully going to admit it, I'm slowly but surely getting addicted to Twitter. I think the more you seem to write the more your willing to share. Is that a good or bad thing? I'm unsure.

I also had my first couple of tweet reply. The most exciting one being my future husband, Professor Green. HAAAAA. I just happened to message him saying 'SUPER excited to see you @Picturehouse in The Burgh on 29th Nov. Great venue & thank you for remembering your East Coast fans. HE then replied to me, tweeting, '@Greero_A @Picturehouse most welcome. Scotland is bonkers, it's the least I could do :)' Such. A. Gentleman.

I'm so hoping that on the 29th November, he'll see me in the crowd (obvs recognise me in the crowd from my piccie on twits), ask to come back round to his dressing-room after & gee me a big old snog. Could happen, you never know.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Autumn Adventure & Discoveries.

BBBBRRRRRRRRRR. The tempeture here in Edinburgh aint half dropped. As I keep on repeating to customers, it's bitter outside. Starting to soundmore & more like my Granny every day. Super cool.

Had such a major productive day yesterday. Was very chuffed with myself though as I EVEN had work in the afternoon. Was out & about in town by 10am in the chilly air, on my many missions of the day.

First off, hit oor old trusty chain store chemist/beauty/all-round superstore that is Boots to get my eyes tested. It free to get done there & you can normally get them tested on the day you pop in for a visit. Alas was not the case for me yesterday (sod's law) however, I'm booked in for Friday after work. Had a good spy at the frames they have on offer & it is more than likely that I'm going to spend a small fortune on two pairs of glasses. Meh, think of the advantage points.

I then ventured along Princes St. up Cockburn St. to a wee shoppy (to which they have two stores in The Burgh) called Swish. A cool, funky t-shirt place, which you can get your
own print/design produced & printed onto t-shirts/hoodies. A VERY exciting place for a Printed Textile Design Graduate, as you can imagine. This was to discuss, size up & cost of the GENIUS idea I have had for my Dad's Christmas present. After this visit (in which I think the guy who I spoke to could tell I was dead happy with myself for this idea) I have discovered that I'm gonna deck my Dad out in a super-fly American Apparel t-shirt & even treat myself to an AA. hoodie in which I'm gonna pimp out w
ith one of my own designs. I. Was. In. Heaven.

After picking this poor dudes brain, I popped into treat myself to my new seasonal drink, London Fog. A combination of Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup & hot steamed milk. Num. Num. Whilst consuming this delish drinks, I wondered round to Ripping Records to purchase myself & my dear friend Miss Leslie tickets for Professor Green. I'm not gonna lie, he is my new ab-fab fave. I could go on for absolute DAYS at how much I like him. He just comes across as such a lovely guy, who is passionate about music. Let's face it, I. Am. In. Love. Who knows? Maybe there will be a spark between the two of us while he's on stage & I'm in the crowd. A girl can dream.

My day wasn't finished yet (granted it was only about 11.45am by this time) This visit was followed by me strutting along down the Cowgate towards the Grassmarket. One of my favourite parts of The Burgh, no this isn't just because of the amount of pubs that area has to offer. It happens to be very pretty looking, which helps. I was popping into this new exciting little boutique that opened this August & has had quite some success. A friend of mines who graduated the same year as me, Hannah Livingston has created this wonderful little cove named 'Black Box Boutique'. So lovely with so many unique, one-off treasures & trinkets. I walked in & would have loved to have been able to afford ALL it had to offer. WELL DONE HANNAH. Unfortunately I had just missed her as she is a very busy lady, but I shall return & left her a wee note of well wishes.

After ALL of this, I was very hungry, in dire need of a cuppa & a sit down. Remember, I'm getting old now. The ripe old age of 24. So returned home, made myself a craicin' baked tattie & had a well deserved rest before nipping out to work at 4pm. Good productive day eh?!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Running 'Round Everywhere.

On this what can only be described as a GLORIOUS Sunday, I find myself contemplating how one might spend her bonus from work. I worked darn hard to get it, so feel like I deserve to treat my self with perhaps a couple of super-cool-yet-practical buys.

First up I need, need, NEED new headphones. A colleague at work (who has a degree in Sound Engineering) told me that you should never used headphones which are inserted into your actual ear. It's not good for your eardrum & obviously the tissue in your ear is quite sensitive. Your not even suppose to use cotton buds in your ears, so why on earth would you put something that pumps music at any volume in there. Shocking really. So I've asked for his expertise on whats the best on the current market for no more than £30. Sennheiser 202 HD from HMV for £29.99 are what he came up with. Think its a pretty good shout. There are however very good looking ones in Urban Outfitters. Maybe too posey-look-at-me? No? Yes?

Second of all (& probs best be the last for the now... Christmas is just round the corner mind) I would like.. No LOVE to purchase a pair of absolute jammin' space-jam trainers. Now, when I say space-jam trainers, I mean like hi-top Nike trainers. The type that Marty McFly would wear. An absolute sick pair. A cool pair that would go with a lot of my wee dresses.
Tea dresses, skirts & shirts, leggings with baggy tops & most of all, espesh my gorge long-sleeved, black, all-rounder Warehouse maxi dress. Best buy of my life. £14.00 in the sale. Bosh.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Music & Fashion. Fashion & Music

Been a while since I've been on the blogging scene. Flippin' shocking.

So, what's new with me I hear you ask. Well. 2011 has been one heckle of a busy year. Still working away still at the olde 'Bucks. Go through the motions really, one minute really enjoying it and making the most of it and the
n the next feeling like a robot and going in, doing the same day in day out. I'm enjoying it currently though, which is the main thing.

This year for music has been quite exciting. Lady Gaga has been doing her thing, absolutely lovsing her new song, 'You & I'. It has quite a country/rock feel to it, you can't fault her vocals. Rekindled my love for a childhood love which happens to be
Charlie Simpson (you know.. the lead from Busted). He has gone solo since his stint with Fightstar, He has now gone solo and brought out the album titled, 'Young Pilgrim' which I still need to purchase but have enjoyed a few of the tracks off of it, especially 'Parachutes'.

Fashion 2011 has also been a fore-runner. To be honest, I think
I'm one of the

only people who enjoys the fact that winter is chapping at our door once more. I am a ginger, we do not tan in the sun and have sensitive skin, I have learned to deal with it. Plus I adore layering up. Winter boots- Check. Thick socks- Check. Woolie tights- Check. Cozy jumper- Check. Turning into an old lady- Absolute CHECK.
I have started knitting again which is good, totes loving it. Been a lot more experimental with my technique. Probably not
doing anything that has not been done before but I'm enjoying myself doing it which is the main thing.... So there.
Oh well, best be off and start the day. Toodles.