Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Design Eye. Design Cap.

That's us well into the month of April (can you believe it?) Mentals how fast this year is going.

Well, all has been good with me. Work life has been kept busy, I've currently got newbies to train which is always good. Makes life a little be different in old Bucks.

Creatively, my butt has well & truly had a kick up it that was very much needed. The knitting is continuing as always. Just doing odds & sods when watching telly or finding myself bored & listening to music. Tis very therapeutic. Print/drawing wise, I am slowly but surely getting back on track. Go a couple of exciting wee projects in the pipelines that is keeping me going. All very happy, nice to be using all of my skills again. Yey. Tis the proper shizz.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Those Crazy Mad Men.

And so on to another series of Mad Men. Yey.

To have Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell & last but not least Joan Harris (phwoar!) back in my life is so excitable. Unfortunately I do not have Sky Atlantic, therefore I cannot witness this series wonder as it happens. HOWEVER, my fabulous parents have Sky & my loverly Dad is going to record the series on DVD for me. Yey, my life is complete once again.

Cannot wait to see what twist & turns this series takes, who's sleeping with who & what utter scandal is generally going down. Super!