Friday, 11 May 2012

New Space, New Home.

Well, the latest news this month (the month of May.. I cannot quite believe it myself) is that I no longer reside in Stenhouse in this wonderful city of ours. I now bide by Granton in a loverly new one bedroom flat with, yes you heard it right it's very own patio. Yet for summertime huh?
I am lucky enough to have a wonderful sister who unfortunately doesn't like to live alone so I've had this opportunity to live here by myself & obviously jumped at the chance. It's my own space for all my nic-nacs. Very happy lady here. Closer to work, brand new, big bathroom & delightful kitchen with a gas oven for all my cooking skills. Fabby. Photos to follow with what I've done with the space. Ciao, ciao from Granton.