Friday, 9 November 2012

Under The Boardwalk.

Well, I have yet ANOTHER telly series to add to my collection of favourites... Shock horror I know. How does a busy wee bee like myself fit in all the television watching. Well... I manage thank you very much.

As the winter months are creeping upon us I need to keep indoors to keep myself warm, not spend money (I have lots of pennies that I need to spend on my nearest & dearest this chrimble) & not to wander the streets aimlessly (as it's.. well... dangerous) Yet again, my wonderful Father has introduced me to a exceedingly good show that is Boardwalk Empire.

This show has everything I love about a good good GOOD tv series. Drama, violence, sex, scandal, corruption & alcohol. Its a delight for all the senses. Based right in the middle of the World Wars, its set on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, set around our main character Nucky Thompson. Ruler, known politician & gangster who is the centre of a moonshine bootlegger business all across the state. Corruption being the centre focus of our story it truly looks into how to pay your way out of any tricky situation.

The cast is absolutely amazing, also featuring the super scottish actress Kelly Macdonald who plays opposite Steve Buscemi. Her character really speaks out of the troubles of equality that woman faced during that time in America, alongside being an Irish immigrant.

If you have not seen this yet YOU SIMPLY MUST. Buy the boxset, get the kettle boiled, be surrounded by a tonne of biscuits & chocolates & just let Boardwalk Empire wash over you. EPIC TELEVISION.

Features all these pretty ladies toozer.