Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blow By Blow.

I was a lucky enough girl that for Christmas I got a Kindle from my Mum & Dad. Best thing I have ever got as it is simple, easy & can go with me anywhere & everywhere.

The first book that I read on it was 'Blow By Blow: The Story Of Isabella Blow' by her husband Detmar Blow & Tom Sykes. It was such a wonderful read & I would highly recommend it to any real fashion fans.

It depicts the life of this wonderful but tragic character who had an absolute love & eye for fashion creative. She is famously known for her kickstarting the careers of Alexander McQueen & Philip Treacy. It is a truly fascinating story with an unforgettable end. Go. Read. Now.

Welcome 2012 With Open Arms.

Well, another year over & a new one just began as the good old song goes.

I have to say, feels like the first time ever in my life that I have been ready to finish a year and start fresh with a new. Many-a-things happen in 2011 that I would like to just look back on and think 'not to repeat'. Sounds all bad but not really. We all go through trails and tribulations.

So... The BIG plans for 2012 (not know as 'New Year Resolutions' to me.. They never work and I never stick to them. Who does to be honest?). The next step forward for me is to save, save, SAVE. This is to help fund the artwork, be able to buy up lots of materials and really kickstart my production of work. Hopefully be able to afford a studio space of my own. Shall have to make do with my bedroom in the meantime.

I think I would ultimately like to start-up my own coffee-shop/gallery-hub in the near future. I have an extensive passion for both & don't think I would be able to cope on a day-to-day basis without either art or coffee. Strange huh? Must be my addiction.

I am currently on Day 2 of my first week of holidays 2012. Been productive so far. Went home to cat-sit for the Parentals (they are away on holiday), did a spot of knitting. I've come up with an idea of knitting Kindle covers/socks. Probably already been done, but a wee project for me non the less.

My dear friend Katie is coming across for a couple days visit tomorrow. So excited to see her & enjoy her company. She has been quite the success back in Belfast, with getting some of her scarf designs on sale in some boutiques. Can't wait to pick her brain of how she's got on doing that. Anywho, best be off and finish tidying for her arrival. Unfortunately, someones gotta do it.